4 am ramblings

6 Sep

it’s 4AM ET and I can barely read the words I type. Sometimes I think it might be worth the investment to have lasers shot into my eyes- but then I start thinking rationally.

So here I am, slumped in a dining table chair (not the best to be slumping in) sipping tap water from a San Diego Zoo mug. It’s been a busy work day for me, just a nonstop medley of booking shows for Still Time, doing handstands, reading academic papers on orality, literacy, and modern media, playing the uke, applying for jobs, you know… the usual.

It’s these papers that keep me up thinking though. For instance, let’s start with something simple. In strictly oral traditions words have no visual representation, no trace. Words are sounds and events in time. Whereas in a literate tradition, like the one that enables me to visualize my 4 am ramblings, words are labels – static, hollow representations of some external ‘thing’.

And think of it – imagine a world in which there was nothing to “look up”. Think of the culture it would produce as a result of societal need for others to know what you do not. This oral culture would be tightly knit and traditional out of necessity. People would depend on each other for their respective expertise.

It’s a trip to think about, but just writing these few sentences has helped to focus my mind… well it had before I read what I just wrote in the context of what was written before…

I think I’ll go do a handstand.


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