Kittens & Pidgeons

14 Sep

I thought the title of this post would spark some creative interest in writing. Just something Katie was saying over the phone that caught my ear…

I’ve been catching up on sleep the past few days. After not sleeping Fri-Sat, because of work, I was just a little tired, but Katie’s family came to visit on Saturday morning so I stayed awake. Once the family went out to explore the city I decided it would be a good idea to take a little nap. But, just as I was about to close my eyes… my cell phone rings.

It was Hans wanting to know if I would like to meet up for lunch. See, I had skipped out on watching a movie with the Brooklyn bunch to work all night long… so I put my nap on hold (more or less… I may have caught a wink).

We went to the Egyptian restaurant and hookah bar down the street. I tried my best, in the delusional state of mind that I was, to describe my courses over a delicious chicken wrap and salad. The food did help to keep me focused, but I was so exhausted I’m not sure if I made any sense at all.

By 4 pm on Saturday I was asleep. Dreaming of kittens & pidgeons. It was a riveting dream – so gripping in fact, that I did not wake until today…

At 7:10 cell phone time, Katie’s mom woke me up when she stuck her head in our room to see if we were awake… I think. At least that seems to be the only reason why anyone would do that. Anyway, it’s a good thing I am a relatively light sleeper because I needed to be at Race for the Cure!

I shuffled into my clothes and grabbed the necessary items: cell phone, keys, and oyster card wallet (fits cards and money – the NYC metro should consider doing something similar). On my way out I emptied our mouse trap (I’ve caught two now) and figured I’d walk to Union Square where I could catch a train up to the park.

It was a nice warm up to the station, a few blocks and no one out on the street. But once I arrived, I opened up my wallet… and could find no metro card! A bit miffed, I decided to walk the rest of the way to the race – and just checking google maps I’ve realized that on top of the 5k run, I walked a total of 8 miles. So yes…. a quality warm up and cool down to boot!

Right, so among the 25,000 other attendees, I ran the 5k, picked up a goodie bag and finally got myself a water bottle – all before noon! Kittens & pidgeons no more.

By running, I jump started my day. While I didn’t accomplish much of anything on the booking/promotion/web design end of my life, I feel like this has been my most productive day since… since booking the Temple Bar that night at the Mammoth Lodge. Which was almost a month ago. To tap into this positive energy, I’m going to go for a run in the mornings – even if its just around the block.

That is what is missing in my lazy days. Something physically dynamic. I’ve been so focused on work that I’ve let my own needs slip. My goal for the week is to better balance my time between work and just being me (even though so much of me is work…). Maybe I’ll invest in a basketball… I’ve been eyeing those courts for the past few days. Buddha knows I can’t afford to join a gym…


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