$20 and For the Record 1.7

23 Sep

On Monday, September 22, I made my first $20 in New York City. Hold the applause. Really. I’m blushing from the attention. Or maybe it’s the blood rushing to my head after a weekend of pure insanity doused in Redbull and fueled by Powerbars. Maybe it’s both.

I feel the need for a recap of the weekend. On international “talk like a pirate day”, Stephanie and I went out to BLVD for Bootie Mash-up night. We got there at 11, and started the party totally sober. We walked to the middle of the empty dancefloor and let loose. Within minutes we had attracted a crowd.

The BLVD attracts a cool crowd. There were a number of international students who are here for a few weeks to learn English- I met a few from Japan and one from Brasil. They seemed to be a part of a program comparable to Syracuse University’s short term abroad programs. Any way, the people and the music were the definition of awesome- San Francisco DJs, Adrian and the Mysterious D were spinning. You can check out their site and mash-ups at http://www.aplusd.net/.

So Steph and I left BLVD around 2am, she was a trooper – she came to my apartment right after work and then went dancing. I went to bed and woke up on Saturday sometime in the afternoon. I planned for another night out dancing, this time at a nightclub called Love. It was a completely different vibe from BLVD and a really low key entrance. Had it not been for the bouncer and the postcard flyers taped haphazardly to the door, I would have had to walk around the block more than once…

Love is a pretty sweet club. Interesting decor – they have a waterfall and the walls are made up to look like bare rock. I started my own dance party underneath the disco ball in front of the DJs. The crowd picked up exponentially and I would have passed out from exhaustion/heat stroke had David not been coming around with water every now and again. I was on my feet dancing nonstop until 4am. When I finally stopped – any physical movement sent pain shooting through my body.

I walked back to my apartment, every step hurt like hell – but I just kept a vision of my bed in front of me. One more step. One. More. Step. When I finally got home around 4:30, I drank a bottle and a half of water before collapsing – although my sleep was anything but restful.

Around 6:30am I got up. My body was aching and I couldn’t relax. David later commented that it must have been the endorphins… 

Anywho, I took a power nap in the afternoon and then met up with David for Arepas at a Venezuelan restaurant called Caracaras on 7th. It was basically a much more expensive, fresher version of a quiznos sammie with a Venezuelan flair. I dug it.

The theme of the weekend seemed to be abusing my body (in a good way)- as we decided to walk up to see Avenue Q. So now I’ve got to go see Spamalot in London. Nice.

So after Avenue Q, I didn’t sleep. Instead, I worked on my website locally. Haven’t uploaded anything as of yet. I also worked on my intellectual autobiography. I took a shower around 7am to snap myself into the waking world and then hopped on my bike for my follow up interview/work session at Underworld Productions in Inwood.

I decided to save money  and rode my bike. 11.5 miles. 23 miles total – I was paid $20 from UP today. So that amounts to about +87 cents per mile. Nice. My hot pink and I are going places. Oh yeah. Speaking of going places on bikes… it is an absolute thrill to ride around the city. I’ve had a dozen or so near life experiences on the road, snaking in and out of traffic, dodging cars, avoiding pedestrians, swerving out of the way of stray chiuauas… incredible.

Today’s lecture was the best ever. Most likely because I mentally checked out a few days ago. I spent the majority of the time drawing my intellectual autobiography and soaking in words subconsciously.

For the Record Part 1.7

For the Record Part 1.7


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