Sandy Zio’s “All That I Am”

3 Oct

 It’s refreshing to discover a new voice infused with the maturity and inspiration found in Sandy Zio. Her debut album “All That I Am” is a solid production of 13 enjoyable tracks which skillfully and artfully combine the elements of soft rock, country, and jazz. The album features original music as well as two covers, the Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” and Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed”.

The title track “All That I Am” is a soft rock ballad highlighting Zio’s beautiful alto voice. She delivers the melody with a natural ease and charisma that begs the listener to sing along. “Someone To Love” is another ballad, however the piano and strings are a pleasing and subtle aesthetic shift from the previous guitar focused tracks.

Zio’s cover of “We’ve Only Just Begun” is brilliant in its delivery with its funky groove. It’s a nice departure from the ballads that Zio sings so well. Her arrangement of “Overjoyed” is a smooth and simply beautiful rendition of one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs. Dim the lights when you listen and let Zio’s voice over joy your senses.

The song that will get you up on your feet is “Sister Madelene” as it is the strongest and most dynamic track on the album. It’s got a funky vibe with a great horn arrangement and features a retro organ solo and guitar solo. Zio’s voice resounds with vibrancy and life that will have you dancing and singing along the very first time you hear it.

This is a quality debut album featuring great songwriting and talent. A sonic treat from start to finish, “All That I Am” has a consistent and cohesive sound that can be appreciated and enjoyed time and time again.

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