whirlwind week

10 Oct

It was an interesting week full of motion and upheaval- a good reminder that nothing is for certain, nothing is for sure.

Monday- The Katies go to housing in order to discuss the roach wars at 521 E14th Street: Despite heavy losses, the roaches persist, continuing to wreak havoc, disrupting daily life by setting up their HQ in our bathroom. During their visit, there is a consensus between the Katies and housing that the apartment is unlivable; the Katies are relocated to another apartment together. When they return, they let me in on the news and tell me that I should visit housing… In retrospect, it would have been nice to know that they were visiting housing in the first place… 

Tuesday- First thing in the morning I go to housing. No wonder the Katies were relocated so quickly, this lady is driven. Apparently the Katies are picking up their keys in the next day or so and moving this weekend. The lady assigns me to some building on some street somewhere else in Stuyvesant Town. Since I am not going to be in town this weekend, I am to pick up my keys and move in on October 15. Okay. I celebrate the insanity by going to Cielo and dancing until 3:30am.

Wednesday- Woken up by myKatie’s alarm at 9am. 2 hours of sleep. I move my laptop to the common area so that the typing doesn’t disturb her sleep and start working. Around the time I start to feel tired, David calls to let me know he’s coming into Manhattan and if I’d like to meet up. Yes. Anything to get away from type, type, typing on my keyboard. We meander, we talk. I down one of those 5 hour energy shots and it does nothing but keep my eyes open for another 2 hours. Not even. We sat in a park and I had my eyes closed the entire time. Just talking. Listening. Resting my eyes. Letting my ears see the world unhibited by images. Imagination building a strange and wonderful world of footsteps and trucks, keychains and scooters. By 10pm I’m finished. My brain is like jelly and my eyelids have given up their battle with gravity. I miss out on karaoke with Anthony, Judita, and David.

Thursday- I’m out the door at 9:30am for a flight that leaves at 2:30pm… Justification for such a time buffer is that I really hadn’t decided on a way to get to Newark. I walk north and at Grand Central there’s a bus staring straight at me from the corner of 41st and Lexington. The sign next to it tells me its an express bus to Newark. Choice made. By 11:30 I’m all comfortable, sitting at my gate. No trouble at security – although they did have to take out Atlas Shrugged – the guard shuffling through my stuff reassured the woman scanning luggage, “Big book.” I make my connection at Dulles no sweat. My reading light doesn’t work, but my neighbor’s light bleeds onto the pages of Fight Club. I finish the book and make some headway in Atlas Shrugged before finally passing out.

Friday- Today. Wow. California. Awesome. Literally. Working on grants, listening to CDs to review, and coming up with good questions for my interview with Diane Schurr. My clock says it’s 5:55pm… so it’s almost 3pm here. No use in changing time zones- time’s relative anyways.


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