design work: less is more

20 Oct

movement defines my life. nothing is truly static – which is why i haven’t devoted as much time to blogging as of late… i’ve been on the move.

here’s a little something to satiate your visual senses; the premise of this exercise was to create a piece which invites the viewer to interact with the artwork by mentally completing the image using a reductive approach to graphic design. each image represents a step in the process of creating the final image. the process creates a very dynamic image/series of static images. movement in design reflecting movement in life.

Less is More

Less is More


the first image is my subject, a koi fish depicted in its entirety using black and white only, simplifying its physical characteristics into flat negative and positive shapes.

the second image is a cropped version of the original subject that retains its readability/identity.

the third image is a drastically cropped version of the original koi fish where the abstract shapes are the main concern.

the fouth image inverts the negative/positive space in the third image.

the fifth image executes the third image using black & white plus an additional color

the last image is the third image in full color


if i were to do this again, i’d focus the cropped image on a portion of the koi’s tail or fins.


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