21 Oct

i’m officially moved out. turned my keys in and didn’t look back. it’s good to have that all settled and sorted. just like tetris the pieces fall into place one by one; we construct our own victory or demise.

still juggling a few more plates than i can handle, wearing one too many hats per outfit… that sort of deal. if all goes well by this time next week i’ll, at the very least, appear to maintain some sort of semblance of sanity… at least that’s what i’m aiming for. i know, i know… i’m setting the bar really high here.

in the meantime, whilst i gather my thoughts into words, into sentences, into paragraphs, into substantial and meaningful compositions… i’ve some visual intrigue for your eyes. this design exercise highlights the importance of negative space in graphic design. using only negative shapes, my task was to visualize a polar bear and clouds. the idea behind formulating an image by only addressing its background is to reverse the way in which viewers traditionally approach seeing. by focusing on the background and shadowed areas, the positive space becomes the subject. the process of creating the images and viewing them is quite insightful… there’s always a method to the madness, it’s just whether or not we choose to see it.

polar bear

polar bear




each final image ended up being somewhat more vectorized and less detailed. i found that this type of depiction made the most use out of the negative and positive values of each composition. any thoughts?

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