travel with victoria 101 syllabus

26 Oct

course description:
this course is designed as a general survey of travel methods utilized in day to day life. it provides a broad orientation for understanding the various means of transportation available in an urban environment. this course is recommended to people on a budget; those who wish to actively engage in their environment en route from point a to point b; or those who are looking for a few helpful travel tips.

course requirements:
1. pocket map and/or internet
2. destination
3. good walking shoes
4. *weather appropriate clothes
5. *4 quarters, 4 one dollar bills 

*must wear pants/shorts with front pockets. back pockets are a plus. zipped/button pockets are preferred.
*quarters are for public phones, put two quarters and two bills in each front pocket.

course recommendations:
1. cell phone
2. bike
3. camera 
4. *cab fare and/or debit card
5. *mace 
6. *purse/bag

*carry three or four $20 bills, two $10 bills, two $5 bills. 
*i’ve never used mace. although, i’ve been told it works as a nice seasoning if your in a bind while cooking.
*if you must bring a purse/bag make sure it’s small.

not recommended for this course:
1. high heels: see fashion
2. name tag: see name tag
3. wads of cash: see paper meanings
4. big purse/bag: *visit melbourne
5. confused/flustered facial expressions: see president


attendance and participation
explore and have adventures. share your stories and experiences.

students are evaluated in regards to mastery of frequented mass transit routes, knowledge of food stand locations and prices, number of starbucks and golden arches sighted, as well as a number of individualized performance criteria that will be determined over the duration of the course.

participation: 43%
exploration: 24%
required materials: 11%
mass transit route(s): 7% 
walking route: 5%
bike route: 5%
comments: 5%  




4 Responses to “travel with victoria 101 syllabus”

  1. Knotpouro December 11, 2009 at 3:29 pm #

    Great, I did not heard about that till now. Cheers.


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