Diane Schuur Interview

29 Oct

October 16, 2008 – Looking forward to the American Society of Young Musicians Music Benefit Concert & Award Ceremony, Jazz vocalist and pianist Diane Schuur reflects on her most recent release Some Other Time which marks a return to her jazz roots.

The album is a tribute to the music of her parent’s generation, a solid return to Schuur’s jazz roots. It is also a celebration of her mother’s life; its release made to coincide with the 40th anniversary of her mother’s passing.

The two-time Grammy-award winning singer performs a number of instantly recognizable selections on the album, including tunes by Gershwin, Berlin, and Hammerstein. Through her stunning voice style and compelling interpretation, one is reminded at once of both the timelessness and immediacy of jazz.

Some Other Time features a 1964 recording of the then 10-year-old Schuur singing “September in the Rain” at the Holiday Inn in Tacoma, WA. This is followed by an intimate exchange between Schuur and her mother, who asks her daughter if she knows “Danny Boy.” A young Schuur answers that she will record the song just for her one day. What follows next is one of the most beautiful and emotive arrangements of the Irish classic.

On October 20th, Schuur was awarded the “All That Jazz Award” in recognition of her contributions to the world of jazz and music.

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