travel 101 week 1

30 Oct

Before we embark on our adventure through the urban sprawl, we must first make sure that everyone starts off on the right foot, so to speak. This week will be a brief introduction to methods of travel and pre-adventure preparation.


There are a two general methods of travel that this course will cover: on foot and assisted travel.

In this course, on foot travel will always refer to walking. At the present time, running and drunken crawling/stumbling are not covered in this course.

Assisted travel will be categorized under the following: bicycle, scooter, subway and train, bus, or taxi. Unfortunately at the present time this course does not cover rollerblading, skateboarding, pogo-sticks, or uni-cycling.


Before embarking on an exploration of your surroundings, you should mentally and physically prepare yourself. The following should be completed before you begin your journey.

1. Decide upon a time frame and destination for your outing.

2. Check the weather conditions for the day by looking or stepping outside, checking your local newspaper, or looking it up online. Hourly reports provided by sites like wundergound can save you from being caught off-guard by fickle weather.

3. Dress comfortably and assemble your travel accessories listed as course requirements

  • Pocket map: put it in your back pocket or better yet, wear a vest or light jacket with pockets which will give you quick access to it for reference in a bind
  • Money: if you are travelling with the minimum amount of cash ($5) you should have 2 quarters and 2 one dollar bills in each of your front pockets.
    If you are travelling with more money (emergency taxi fare) divide your bills up into your pockets as you like, and fold each set of bills in half with the smaller bills on the outside. You should travel with less cash in the front pocket of your dominant hand.
    If travelling with a debit or credit card, inset the card into the middle of any one of your folds of money. Make sure that your card is NOT in the pocket of your dominant hand.
     The emphasis on a light dominant hand pocket will be addressed in safety.
  • ID: your driver’s license or ID should be inserted alongside your credit/debit card. If your ID has a magnetic strip DO NOT align it with your credit/debit card. Flip your ID upside down to avoid this condition.
  • Keys: Having your keys on a key-chain is preferable. Attach the key-chain to a belt loop or tie it to your shoelace. You don’t want your keys to make a lot of noise or bulk up your pockets.
  • Mobile: carry your phone in a pocket or have it in your hand

4. Check your map. Familiarize yourself with your current location and your destination. Make note of street names, look at the arrows on streets that signify traffic flow. Figure out your cardinal points. Get a mental compass and map sketched out in your mind.

Once you are all geared up… it’s time to step out into the world… Bring up your mental map. Put on your cap. It’s go time.

Up next: Getting there-Walking


4 Responses to “travel 101 week 1”

  1. Susan Kishner October 30, 2008 at 2:32 am #

    Nice site. Theres some good information on here. Ill be checking back regularly.

  2. Jack smith October 30, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    Thailand is abundant with tourists, conceivably it is because of alloy of abstruseness and excitement, the mix of age-old belief and avant-garde nightlife. Thailand, has been accepted as Siam for centuries, Thailand has been a capital of ability and adoration and the 21st aeon has not afflicted that fact.


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