Jimmy Demers’ “Dream A Little”

3 Nov

With a unique and captivating voice, Jimmy Demers appeals to both an adult contemporary and smooth jazz sound in his debut album Dream A Little. Demers’ natural talent shines through each of the 13 tracks, keeping you hooked from the first notes of “There She Goes” to his version of Cass Elliot’s classic “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. The album also features Diane Warren’s “Nothing Hurts Like Love” and arrangements by Grammy Award winning Victor Vanacore.

Demers’ voice reaches out with honest emotion and clarity in “We Go On” and “On Saturday Afternoons in 1963”. These back to back ballads will wrestle for your heart while prepping your soul for “Nothing Hurts Like Love”. Consequently, you’ll either love or hate this line up; but if its emotional sway does align with your mood then multiple repeats of these songs are a must.
As if to relieve the emotional tension, “We Just Disagree” and “Special” are lighter more uplifting tracks, reminiscent of classic pop with a more playful vocal inflection. However, it’s clear that Demers’ most definitive moments lie in his unique and emotive vocal delivery fully realized in the album’s ballads. Songs like “Just Another Night”, “Maybe I”, and “Save Your Love For Me” are musical highlights showcasing Demers musical sensitivity and versatility in this area.

The album’s final track, “Dream a Little Dream of Me” opens and ends with a sample of an old cassette recording of Demers’ late mother singing the first verse. Cass Elliot’s daughter, Owen Elliot, joins Demers on backup vocals and together they craft an enjoyably modern, smooth jazz rendition of the classic tune.

“Dream A Little Dream” is an enjoyable collection of songs showcasing Demers’ vocal abilities. This album’s strength is in its moving ballads that Demers’ shapes with his incredibly emotive delivery and unsurpassed talent.

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