travel 101 week 3

15 Nov

“Walkin’ in L.A., nobody walks in L.A.”

During week 2, you should have gone outside and taken a walk. Good for you. Bravo.

This week we’ll be looking at a few different scenarios that might occur during your walks. We’ll discuss various methods of tackling the situation and it will be up to you to decide what way suites your travelling style.

1. Sore Feet

Ouch. Worry not for this condition can be easily remedied

a. Stop walking. Take a breather. Sit down.

b. Assess the nature of your sore feet: Is it your shoes that cause the pain? Is it your muscles? If it’s the later, refer to method (a). However if your stilettos are what makes your feet sore, let me suggest investing in some more comfortable walking shoes. Remember that some shoes require a bit of “breaking in”. Sometimes it helps to wear two pairs of socks to provide an extra bit of padding.

c. Consider buying shoe insoles. These are inserted into your shoes and can provide support and comfort beyond what your normal insoles provide. The reasoning behind these products is that most shoes have flat insoles, however, unless you are Daffy Duck, you most likely don’t have flat feet. Everyone is different, so shoe companies can’t appease everyone’s personal physique – therefore they favor no one with flat insoles. Quite democratic really, but you’ll have to deal with it or buy insoles that are more tailored to your feet.

d. Call a cab. Hail a taxi. Go on. Pamper yourself.

2. Nature Calls

You will find that there are times during your walk when you really need to go to the bathroom – whether it was the liter of water you just chugged, or the nacho and burrito combo – it really doesn’t matter what. All that matters is that you need to go. Now.

a. Locate your nearest chain fast food restaurant/bookstore/coffee shop/gas station. You’ll also find bathrooms in malls and movie theater complexes. If you are in a big city, you shouldn’t be too hard pressed to find a place with a free bathroom. Be careful though, as some locations will require you to be a paying customer before you are allowed to use the facilities. Cleanliness and sanitation will be dependent upon the establishment you choose; hit or miss. 

b. Find a public restroom. These can be found at pubic squares and parks. Some cities even have lavoratories on the sidewalk, but they often require money to enter. Cleanliness and sanitation will be better at the lavoratories where you pay (at least that’s what they say).

c. Give back to nature. You just happen to be in the middle of nowhere when your body decides it’s time to go. Well you’re in luck. Duck behind some greenery (shrubs and bushes work better for cover than trees). Make sure you are well enough away from any foot traffic. Try to be out of earshot as well as that can draw some unwanted attention. Do carry a napkin or tissue for cleanliness and sanitation sake. A anti-bacteria wipe would be nice to have on hand as well.

3. Shadows

There may come a time when you think someone is following you. Before you do anything you should confirm the fact that someone is indeed shadowing you. If you are walking in a lit area, pay attention to shadows and reflections – try not to stop and turn around. Keep a level head. Distance is your friend. If you can’t see who is following you via their shadow or reflection, then listen to their footsteps. How is this person walking? Does the sound have a bit of an echo to it (hard soles) or it softer (rubber soles)?

a. Speed your walk up a bit. I repeat: distance is your friend.

b. Cross the street. I repeat: distance is your friend.

c. If you can determine that the person is wearing hard soled shoes, take a stab at running (assuming you are wearing comfortable shoes and are in decent shape – your adrenaline will help)

d. Call the authorities. You have a cell phone. Use it. You don’t have a cell phone? Hopefully a public phone booth is in sight or nearby.

4. Confrontation

Let’s say someone has been following you and you are unable to get rid of him or her. If this confrontation is positive or neutral (ie a friend, someone asking for directions) by all means be a good person and accommodate. However, If this confrontation is negative (ie they want your money) here are a few options for you to consider.

a. Remember that mace under course recommendations? Use it – but don’t spray yourself. Please read the directions and know how to use it before trying it in a real life situation where your life could be at risk.

b. You should have money in your pockets. Reach into your front pocket and throw your money in one direction and run in the other. Hopefully if you’ve followed my advice so far, you should have mostly small bills and loose change in your front pockets.

c. Scream. Cause a commotion. Let it loose. 
Up next: getting there-Biking

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