Christian Scott “Live at Newport”

27 Nov

Christian Scott, the rising voice of jazz trumpet today, has released his first live album and DVD, “Live at Newport”. The 2-disc set showcases Scott and his band performing in their element, live at the JVC Jazz Festival in Newport, RI. While featuring 5 new compositions, “Live at Newport” revisits material from both “Anthem” and Scott’s Grammy nominated debut album “Rewind That”. The result is a stunning experience of slow burning jazz infused with an intense and earnest energy harkening back to Scott’s critically acclaimed sophomore release, “Anthem”.

If you’re familiar with Scott’s previous albums you know his music is an expression of personal experience. The set opens with “Died In Love”, harnessing all the heartfelt emotion of losing a close friend. Scott’s playing here echoes cries of sorrow that will send shivers up your spine. Jamire Williams’ staggered drums tumble with energy while Matthew Stevens and Aaron Parks’ brood over a heart wrenching chord progression on the guitar and piano. And this is only the beginning.

Building upon the intensity, “Litany Against Fear” is a composition from Scott’s previous release, “Anthem”. Stevens steals the spotlight with sharp riffs and runs that trickle about the fret board, while saxophonist, Walter Smith III, makes his presence known in this piece by laying out a fervid solo that will leave you breathless.

The energy settles down as Scott’s plays “Isadora” a sweet and smooth ballad that caresses your senses while providing some emotional resolve after the first two numbers. Stevens’ “Rumor” is driven by a funky rhythm with Smith’s solo igniting the composition midway through the piece, while Parks tears up the piano in “Anthem”.

“Live at Newport” is a performance that allows you to experience music in the moment: there are no dubs or retakes. The album affirms that Scott’s unique sound, coupled with his innovative and breath-taking style, is unmatched among his peers. Reinforced by a skillful and adept band, Scott’s “Live at Newport” is an album that will resonate for years to come.

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