Academic Plan

14 Dec

New School University
Understanding Media Studies 6767

Over the course of this past semester I have begun to grasp the incredible depth to the Media Studies program at the New School. This course, Understanding Medias Studies, developed a particularly clear and concrete foundation while paving avenues of exploration and aims of pursuit for further study. Guided by the readings and guest lectures, this department opened itself up to me a little more each week and I was continually inspired.

However, I found that one of my downfalls is the fact that I prefer one to one discourse over writing down my thoughts and ideas – I like the spontaneity and creative tangents that occur when working and speaking with others. At the same time, there is value in the written word, the ability to access it as a resource, to reflect and revise… so writing down my thoughts is a task I must learn to love as a means of expression rather than loathe as a tedious chore of rehashing my thoughts from mind to text.

In regards to existing skills, I have an eye for photography and I am adept at visual and audio production software. I would like to continue to use my skills in audio production in my thesis – if that is the course of action I decide to pursue here. I have no formal training in film production. I’m quite intuitive and taught myself how to edit and have developed my own method of post-production, but a course in film production would be beneficial, especially if I wish to produce a documentary or short film in the future.

I am here to experience one of the media centers of the world and to better understand its overarching function in regards to identity in society and culture in regards to local, regional and global perspectives. I am drawn here by my inexhaustible curiosity (I had whittled down my undergraduate routes to two routes: a BA in philosophy or a BM in music industry; I chose the later.) I find myself torn between my curiosity in abstract ideas and my drive to create and manage tangible media.

I aim to earn a Media Management Certificate while here at the New School while still satiating my curiosity by taking courses on media theory. Perhaps, I can integrate a thesis option into my studies that would address both my production savvy and theory oriented mind. I am interested in creating my own adaption of “This American Life” a radio broadcast. I know it might sound silly to want to pursue a thesis project in an old medium – but it’s the unique quality of the radio that I am interested in and would like to learn more about in the future. Any way, it’s a wholesome thought. I’ll admit, I get slightly depressed when I drown myself in media philosophy and theories in light of today’s mediascape. If I pursue a thesis I would like it to be project based due to the fact that I tend to, as I said, get depressed when delving into media theory. I am also very intrigued by media policy.

Next semester I’ll be taking Music Business in Media, Social Media: Content/Commercial Culture, Media Practices: Design, and WSNR Radio Lab. A little more bent on production and definitely focused on Media Management.

I am hoping to complete my master’s degree in two years… living in New York City is incredibly taxing. If I am going to take longer than two years to complete the degree, I would like to look at the option of taking all online courses that last year – which would give me the freedom to continue my studies from home.


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