back online with seoul

4 Jan

the past few weeks living unplugged and offline have been world class awesome, but i figured that it was about time to recalibrate with the digital world and synch up with virtual reality.

so yesterday, with the help of the interweb and the most awesome clover lee, i booked a flight for south korea. we’ve got a 20 hour layover in china, so we’ll most likely find ourselves meandering about china’s streets while we wait for the flight from beijing to seoul. we’ve got a departure and return date, clover’s family and friends… and all of south korea to explore!

i’m doing my best to conjure up the random korean phrases from tae kwon do. however, i’m not sure how helpful they will be in conversation- sure confrontation i’ll stand my ground. but i’d like to be a bit more social than a punch in the solar plexus, so i’ll be dabbling in very basic korean over the next few months.

that about sums up my venture back on the internet. i spent all of about an hour or two online today and yesterday as it’s probably best to ease back online with care. i haven’t touched facebook in ages, for better or worse. i’ll work that into tomorrow’s online session. maybe.


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