repaired image: the intern

14 Feb

Take an old or damaged photo and repair it. Perhaps there is an old photo you would like to make look new or maybe you look great in your wedding dress but have divorced your husband and want him removed.

“We’ll need profile pictures for the upcoming newsletter… It would be nice to include the interns!”


the intern

the intern


Well, yes it was very nice, but not so nice for the editor/designer (who me?)… especially when one intern decided to wait until the very last minute to send me his picture! And then… a webcam picture at that!!! At least the original was 640×480… room to mess around… a bit.

Problem: The original picture quality is sub-standard; the lighting is a nightmare (shadows from light above/blue shine from screen); and a better background could have been chosen.

Solution: Layers. Using a lot of layers. The replace color tool in photoshop became a dear, dear friend – stood by me throughout the entire ordeal. There was nothing I could do about the original photo quality. Getting a somewhat even lighting and color tone for the intern’s face and neck was a long and arduous process… but the end result has no hint of the blue glare from the computer screen and the bags under the intern’s eye’s are smoothed away to some extent.

Top 5 Tools: Photoshop CS3. Replace Color. New Layer. Magnetic Lasso Selection. Energy Drink.

Reflection: I’m satisfied with the result. I didn’t go overboard and “fix” everything… I wanted to keep the edited version looking a bit raw and natural.


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