23 Mar

My alarm went off and was quickly shut off before anyone seemed to be disturbed. It was surprising cool in the morning, and I took a cold shower too. Apparently 2 out of 5 of the showers motors were broken, so I wasn’t the only one having troubles figuring out how to get the hot water working.

Altogether, it was a good day. Breakfast was simple but delicious: watermelon wedges, a tangerine, and the best oatmeal ever. Right after, Jose led the orientation session for the new Core volunteers plus Francesco and I, while the rest of the new Insights and veteren volunteers went to work. Around 10 am, after the program overview and a Q&A session, Jose walked Francesco and I to our placement where Maddie and Jackie (two Insights), Maria Paula (the Program Assistant), and Andrew were already working. Making myself comfortable by the tv, I introduced myself to Jose and David and played with them by the tv. Shortly after, I was whisked away by Luis and we toured the entire house. Luis would point to the ceiling lights and the tops of shelves; and to his delight, I would hoist him up so he could reach them all. 

The afternoon was full of activity. Maria Paula led the volunteers back to homebase for lunch (amazing) and then took the Insights on a tour of Cartago. We visited the Basilica as well as the ruins at the center of town before heading back to homebase. Once we had returned from our walk, we had Spanish class specifically for our placement, learning the words for games like landa (tag), escondido (hide and seek), papa caliente (hot potato), and sillas musicales (musical chairs) as well as going over a few helpful phrases like compartean (share) and ven/vengan aqui (come here). Shortly after class, dinner was served: rice, beans, cream of broccoli soup (which I poured over the rice – yummy!), and fruit.

Tired from a full day, once again, I went to my room ridiculously early. Lydia ended up moving out into her own private room and Maddie took her place (as she had been displaced by Lydia). Once my alarm was set for 5:20am and my clothes and toiletries set up for quick and silent access, I passed out for another early night.

☼ Domingo (I found Jesus…) ☼ Lunes ☼ Martes ☼ Miercoles ☼ Jueves ☼ Viernes


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