24 Mar

Another cool morning and cold shower woke me up on Tuesday. The fresh cut melon and tangerine with oatmeal at breakfast made for a quick and easy meal, leaving ample time to meander the homebase before work.

Looking forward to my first full day at Doña Melba’s, Maria Paula led myself and the rest of the Insights to Doña Melba’s at 8am. The first daily task was to do the laundry: pull clothes off clothes-line if dry, fold, sort, and hang wet clothes. Simple, but time consuming especially when kids are vying for attention and running about all around you. Once the laundry was finished, we still had a few hours to spend with the kids.

The kids loved every moment. Maddie had brought some craft supplies: paper bags, assorted markers and crayons, paper, and pipe cleaners. Before long, a crowd of kids surrounded the table and Maddie was making “gafas del sol” out of the pipe cleaners. One entrepreneurial individual, Herman, insisted that Maddie continue to make him more gafas so that he could sell them.

We left Dona Melba’s at noon for lunch at the homebase. Most everyone else went zip-lining, but unfortunately I missed the memo (the trip was organized outside of CCS by the University of Maryland group). Instead, I power napped and dreamed of zip-lining.

Dinner was choice, and afterwards Bonnie, Lydia, and myself took a stroll to the internet cafe by the Basilica. The price for an hour was 300 colones, less than a dollar. I milked every minute, checking my email for the first time in 3 days and sending out a quick update to family, letting them know I was alive and well.

Later, I spent some time looking up activities to do with the kids. Bonnie teaches first and second graders, so she had a few quality resources for me to look through. After taking into consideration the ages of the kids at Doña Melba’s and the craft supplies readily available at the homebase, I came up with a few craft ideas: making animals out of cardboard towel rolls (rolls, scissors, glue, paper, markers, pipe-cleaners, cotton balls), paper lanterns (paper, scissors, markers, tape), and butterflies (wooden clothes pin, paper, markers).

Content that I had found a few fun things to do on Wednesday. I set my alarm and went to sleep at a more reasonable, but still early 10 something pm.

☼ Domingo (I found Jesus…) ☼ Lunes ☼ Martes ☼ Miercoles ☼ Jueves ☼ Viernes


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