25 Mar

The routine was set by Wednesday: 5:20 alarm, cold shower, light breakfast, and then out to Doña Melba’s at 8am. Pull, fold, and sort dry clothes, and then hang wet clothes (we’d play with the kids every now and again to break the monotony).

Once laundry was finished, we were free to play with the kids. After a while of playing, I set up a crafts table with the supplies I’d brought from homebase: assorted paper, cardboard rolls, wooden clothes-line pins, glue, tape, a few scissors, and of course, markers and crayons. I didn’t tell them what to make – but rather let them decide how they were to use the materials. One girl, Michelle, was extremely creative, making a tower out of two different sized rolls. While Luis drew an outline of peole’s hands. The scissors were in high demand as well as the goma (glue).

Jackie also brought play-dough and the kids loved it. At first kids would take an entire stick of color to make something, but upon realizing that there was a limited supply, creativity skyrocketed while the amount used dropped to a more reasonable amount. After making a few little animals, an abeja (bee) and an oso (bear), one of the teenagers from Doña Melba’s sat down and made a pig and a fence. The kids liked my elefante (elephant) and arbol (tree) too. All in all, the play-dough was definitely a hit with the kids and the volunteers.

At noon we left Doña Melba’s and headed to homebase for lunch. Of course, lunch was nothing short of awesome: chicken, beef, rice, salad, and mangos. YUM! I hadn’t eaten that well or that regularly in far, far too long.

After lunch, the Insights went on a trip to the Irazu Volcano. However, the park closes at 3:30. Luckily, we made it with just enough time to walk around, peruse through the souvenir shop, and snap photos of the main crater. The craters filled with fog in moments, and the last few minutes we spent in the park, we were surrounded by it.

We returned to homebase to wash up and get ready for dinner. Since there was some time to spare, Bonnie and I walked to Pali, the local grocery store, in hopes of finding some more supplies to bring to our placements. We didn’t find much to work with there, but Bonnie filled out a materials request form back at homebase.

I sat in one the Core’s Spanish class for beginners. That was a lot of fun. I found that I remembered a lot more than I thought, but my troubles were the fact that I didn’t know many adjectives… in short, I’d be able to pick out the nouns and a few verbs here and there… which makes up for a very, very skewed translation. As it was with the Insights, the class was tailored to the individuals taking it so there was a nice Q&A session where we learned some more words and phrases like termina/terminaste (finished), cuando te vas (when do you leave here), tuanis (cool), and chocola (high five).

Determined to stay up a little later, I started working on a lanyard from string. This is much harder than one might think and now I know why plastic is used. It’s difficult to get the lanyard started because the string is much looser and the ends fray quickly. But once the first knot was made and a few loops finished, the process got a little easier. After about an inch or two was completed, I set my alarm, said goodnight, and went to bed… not as early as the previous nights, but still well before midnight.

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