26 Mar

Thursday started off a little differently. After waking up at ridiculous in the morning, I made my way down the hall determined to have a warm shower. This particular day’s solution was to turn the faucet on just enough to get the water going and the motor, making sure that the water coming out would heat. Unfortunately, these motors would putter out after a few minutes. That being said, the second phase of the day’s warm shower adventure was to shower hop. Each motor worked differently, and I ended up taking a variety of pseudo-showers ranging from a nice hot to lukewarm. In the end, I didn’t take a cold shower and discovered which one was the best. Success.

When we arrived at Doña Melba’s we met Tayna and Shayna, two volunteers from London. They worked at the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but hadn’t been able to come earlier in the week because the father at their homestay had passed away and the entire house was in mourning.

We started laundry as usual and now after having 3 days experience, we’d set up an efficient assembly line. Two to pull, two to fold, and Andrew was our designated sorter. By the end of the dry clothes phase, people would somehow drift off, and much of the wet clothes would be hung up by the one or two people who hadn’t been pulled away by the kids or other chores around the house.

After an hour or two, the kids perked up and started saying vamos al parque (we go to the park/let’s go to the park). We all shook our heads no and tried to explain to them, in our broken Spanish, that we couldn’t go to the park unless we had enough people who wouldn’t have to go to school. But the kids were insistent… they knew something we didn’t. After the number of voices overwhelmed our own, Maria Paula announced that Doña Melba had approved a visit to the park. And so, we led a very bright-eyed and energetic group of 9 kids to the park next to the Basilica.

I pushed Anita to the park in her wheelchair, since the walk would have been a little much for her. Before Doña Melba’s, Anita had lived in an abusive home. After an incident, her legs had been maimed and people had said that she would never walk again. But CCS was able to connect Anita with surgeons in the US who restored her legs.  She now walks, but her muscles and balance aren’t as developed as they would be in a normal girl her age. Even so, Anita was always smiling and happy- especially knowing that she was going to the park.

Once there, I spent some time on the swings with Anita who was insistent that I sit next to her and swing too. Then I sat at a sheltered table where we had set up a little games and crafts area. While I chilled in the shade, Jackie played escondido (hide and seek) with a few of the other kids. Two kids from Doña Melba’s saw the group of us at the park and joined us for a while before returning home. 

In the afternoon, Jose held a “History of Costa Rica” session which was both informative and fun. The session helped to give some background on Costa Rica’s political and economical background. It was a nice relaxing follow up to the previous few hours at the park; and for about 2 hours, Jose captivated both Insight and Core volunteers with information about Costa Rica’s recent history.

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