spring at last

26 Apr

the sunny weather sucked people out of their nyc apartments and left directions to central park on saturday. i zig-zagged my way uptown towards the park, in a futile attempt to make good time. every street was teeming with people glowing in their spring attire.




when i finally reached the central park’s southern edge, i was a bit more tired than usual. maybe it was the sun or the dozen apples and grapefruit i had lugged up from 20th street… or a combination of the two. at any rate, i made my way past the heckscher playground and carousel, towards the naumburg bandshell where i was planning to meet friends for a picnic. however, there seemed to be an unusual amount of activity on the roads even beyond the fact that all of new york city decided to spend the day at the park. the folks in ‘volunteer’ shirts sent up a red flag. some sort of event was taking place. maybe a foot race or some sort- but i’m usually on top of those activities…




upon reaching the mall i realized that there was indeed something special happening in central park: the “parkinson’s unity walk” which was established in 1994 and still going strong. not surprisingly, the bandshell area was all decked out for the event. after trying to get in touch with my friends to see if we were still meeting in the area, my cell phone puttered out of battery life. so instead, i decided to check out this unity walk with a very clear intent: swag (not that i needed anything more to weigh me down). i managed to snag an event t-shirt and bag, one of those nice knit shopping totes you see around these days. then i sat down to rest in front of the bandshell and enjoyed a fresh apple. i kept an eye open for anyone of my picnic friends, but was quite content to just be.

i was sitting right in front of the bandshell which was constructed in 1923 to replace the original cast-iron one. it was at this time that the entire concert grounds were expanded as well which events like the parkinson’s unity walk use to their full capacity. i was just enjoying the space itself, when the central park brass introduced themselves on stage and for the next 2 hours, i enjoyed a concert in the park. it was an interesting concert, the ensemble played a wide variety of tunes from bach to bernstein and even an arrangement of gottschalk. all the pieces were short, some just highlights and there were long breaks in between pieces, but even so, it was a pleasant experience.


i never bumped into any of my friends. can’t figure out why. it’s not like there was anyone else in the park. but i did enjoy an afternoon in central park, got a new tote and tshirt, and have fresh fruit!


2 Responses to “spring at last”

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