the short list

20 May

5 days:
1 three am 2.5 mile walk around manhattan carrying 100+ kilos
1 train ride
2 bus rides
1 east to west coast flight
1 movie night
1 new song idea
1 three mile jog
1 amazing crepe
1 birthday celebration
1 delicious steak
1 roadtrip
1 tank of gas
8+ hours driving
2 bridges crossed
2 tolls avoided
2 energy drinks
1 thesis idea inspired by broadway’s lion king cd
1 yummy bbq pulled pork sandwich
1 kodak disposable camera
25 pictures
1 sweet still time commemorative framed poster,ticket,cd
12+ hours of music
1 incredible concert
9 cds
24+ hours w/o sleep
200+ unread emails

and now:
1 power nap


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