bound for osaka

6 Jul

wow… this is the first time i’ve had some down time – granted it’s nearly 2 am here – details, details- i have a few spare minutes and energy to burn before i call it a day.

today- or rather yesterday- monday, july 7th, was one of the most relaxing days i’ve had in the past month or so; nothing outrageous, no fires or riots, a few pilfered goods, but nothing too ridiculous.

i awoke on my sliver of the bed – more on that later – when clover’s aunt came into the room (clover is my travel buddy and we’re staying at her aunt’s apartment). she said something in korean, clover translated and informed me we were going to the post office to ship some of her things home.

we walked to the post office with 4 grocery sized bags of goods that needed to fit into one medium sized box that the post office supplied free of charge. we managed to defy physics and possibly some size regulations considering how inflated the box looked even with the miles of tape used. regardless of its physical flaws, the post office shipped out clover’s box and gave us both free toothpaste. yep. they gave us both a tube of toothpaste… at the post office.

armed with our dental swag, clover, her aunt, and i headed to a nearby restaurant for breakfast where we had daeji galbi (spicy pork) along with banchan (korean side dishes), and, of course, rice! it was an amazing meal. the food here in korea is exquisite – but those who don’t like spicy food beware! chili paste is used in practically every dish.

we walked off our meal by meandering about the neighborhood and stopped for tea at a local coffee shop. it’s the cheapest in the area because it’s run by a local church – not quite sure how that works out. we sat down and i had fun reading the menu (as best i can) and listening to clover and her aunt speak. content from our meal and tea, we headed back to the apartment.

we spent the afternoon giving our makeshift plans for japan a little more structure by calling the ferry operator and checking train times. thankfully clover speaks korean!

we had dinner (yummy) and then stopped at lotte mart (a hyper mart… think of target plus walmart supersized and so much better) where we bought some foodstuffs for the trip. i managed to grab 2 bags of beef jerkey, raisins, and 3 of those plastic gum/candy containers. i was aiming for a more healthy assortment of vitals, but i don’t think i ever found the main dried goods section in my little go-round through the aisles.

we’d been expecting to hear from clover’s cousin who was intent on going to jeju-do island with us, so while we waited clover and i made plans to go to japan  (this started with my idea of going to busan and going to japan “for lunch”). while i wasn’t entirely serious, my idea blossomed into something of an impromptu adventure that begins today.

clover and i will be leaving daejeon today and going to busan by train. then we’ll be boarding a ferry that will take us to osaka. all in all, it will be a little over a day of travel.

so now it’s off to bed and off to japan!


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