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downtempo day

5 Aug

it’s midweek. wednesday. already august now. damn… time flies when you’re in constant motion- and i’m not letting myself get settled and sorted until mid september when i’ll be returning to nyc from minnesota. so things will be at a standstill for slightly longer than i had anticipated.

however, today i’ve stolen away from the everyday madness and chaos to collect myself and steer all this loose energy into making something beautiful. curiously, my supplies reflect my state of being, a random assortment of odds and ends i’ve gathered for the task: two salvaged bamboo reeds, a few wooden ornaments, two stone discs, circular cut shells, carved metal rings, and a couple hanks of hemp to tie everything together… oh! and of course, the uke is out 🙂


didn’t quite finish… i’m thinking that this will need a few more random things to make the vision in my head a reality.

the first knot

the first knot

in the middle

in the middle

i feel like this is martha stewart's version  of "connect four"

i feel like this is martha stewart's version of "connect four"