150 days and counting

14 Dec

Okay. It’s starting to sink in… I’m going to be biking across the United States this summer. On Friday, I officially raised over $1,000…. $3,000 in counting and 150 days to do it.

Training has been pretty light lately, stymied by a little knee injury – no reason to be alarmed. I know exactly what caused my knee to FAIL and what I need to do in the future to avoid repeating this little misadventure. See the thing is, I do silly things, like waking up and deciding to run to work carrying my laptop and a slew of other very useful items that do not lend themselves to running long distances. I also don’t pay much attention to distances… I’m sure the 5.9 miles would’ve at least gotten me to reconsider what I decided to take to work…. maybe stretch a little. But the past is past and here I am reveling in the pain that shoots through my knee every time it bends.

Ah, well. It’s healing.

Once my knee decides to get back in gear, I’ll be increasing my training and getting into a more regimented routine. All things considered, I’m in better shape than I had expected!


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