Blue Moon

30 Dec

The New Year celebration will kick off with a “once in a blue moon” event – literally. Most years have one full moon a month, twelve full moons a year. However, since the lunar cycle is 28 days, each calendar year contains an excess of roughly eleven days which accumulate so that every two to three years there is an “extra” full moon in that given year. Every 20 years, one month gets two full moons, this year the second one will shine over the New Years Eve festivities.

The full moon will affect tides, so surfers should head to the beach in hopes of catching the high tide before going out to celebrate the new year. From experience I can say with certainty that it’s not smart to go surfing in Northern California in the middle of winter without the proper attire. Despite the wintry weather, I’ll brave the cold and don my wetsuit to safeguard from another close call with hypothermia…

Blue Moon

Besides the astronomical and tidal significance, there is the musical significance of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart’s song. “Blue Moon” has been covered by a myriad of musicians across genres over the years; here are four of my favorites:

no one sings it like Ella:

gotta love Nat King Cole:

still, The Marcels hold a special doo-wop place in my heart:

and my fav punk rockers, MxPx, go for it:

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