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23 Feb

This whole total exhaustion and fatigue thing everyday is starting to show its effects. This morning I woke at the regular time, around 6:30ish, rolled out of bed a little before 7 and saw a credit card on my desk in front of the computer monitor. I tried to scan my memory through the morning daze but could not for the life of me remember why I would have left it there.

Curious, I took a seat at the computer and opened up an internet browser. My email popped up immediately and I stared blankly at the latest subject line: NYRR Event Registration. I do silly things when I’m tired. Hoping that I wasn’t entirely out of my mind whenever I signed up last night, I opened the email hesitantly.

The actual contents of the message soothed the butterflies in my stomach, only two events were listed- a 4mile run and a 5k. Nothing drastic. Granted they are both Sunday runs, so it just means I will have even more of a reason to look forward to not having Saturday classes. Silly tired me doing silly tired things. I’m just glad I didn’t order the entire South Park DVD collection or 5 boxes of bulk candy. Silly tired me is actually pretty smart, in a stupid sort of way- perchance I should try to squeeze in more sleep time before I end up running a marathon next month.


one day soon

17 Feb

My heart skipped a beat when I came across the course description for Bear Creek’s Tough Mudder.

The challenges constructed and the philosophy behind the race pulled me in like a super magnet. With help from non other than the British Special Air Service, the course has been based off of some of the most challenging and fun races in the world. The course winds through 7 miles of the Bear Creek Resort, all decked out with mind-blowing challenges. From crawling through snow to running through fire, this is more than just another foot race. There are obstacles that a lone racer cannot overcome without the help of other racers. This comradeship aspect coupled with the physical demands of this course is a win-win combination.

Oh sure, a few red flags might have been thrown as you looked at the images, but all logic aside, this is awesome!

Without a doubt, I will participate in a future Tough Mudder event. Just not as soon as I would have hoped. For better or for worse, this particular race is on May 2, the same day that I’ll looking at the world from 2500 ft, hang gliding for the first time. Perhaps it’s for the best that I won’t be running through 4 ft flames less than a month from beginning Bike & Build, but one day… I will.

jack and jill 2.0 teaser

16 Feb

Halfway Home

14 Feb

Not gonna lie, this semester is proving the most challenging so far with work commitments, the demands of a full graduate course load, training for Bike & Build, and pursuing random adventures. But in the midst of all the commotion, I surpassed the halfway mark for fundraising! It’s hard for me to fathom, and it really warms my heart to know people are willing to support a cause that is so immediate and close to home and yet somehow very much under the radar.

Thankfully, this long weekend means I’ll be able to sit down and design/write out my “thank you” cards to all the individuals who have helped get me this far. Remember every cent counts, if you’ve a penny to spare please consider making a tax deductible donation to help fund the Bike & Build effort here on my profile page by clicking the donate button.

how to take over the world v 0.1

14 Feb

Alright, enough with this facade. You think I’ve been busy earning my graduate degree, working til the wee hours of the morning, getting home fatigued and mentally exhausted from work… Fact is, I’m building an unbeatable army harnessing the powers of earth, fire, wind, water, and heart- or rather Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Adam West aka Batman, Samuel L Jackson, and David Hasselhof.

Chuck Norris Mr. T Batman Samuel L Jackson David Hasselhof
Admit it. You’re petrified.

Snakes on a KiteChuck Norris and Mr. T will lead the ground infantry units which will deploy PowerSkip scouts with air support from Samuel L Jackson and snakes on a  kite. Jackson will also have authority over my upgraded paratroopers outfitted with super classy wingsuits as well as my jetpack powered air units. Wingsuits

Adam West will provide tactical support, overseeing the battle-mechs which will require very adroit deployment considering they only shoot squishy pink balls and are limited to walking on completely flat surfaces. Battle-Mech

David Hasselfhof will be in charge of the miscellaneous and pointless divisions equipped with the latest technology, home to arguably the most extensive and self-important squadrons. For instance we have expendable water walking, bubble men (limited to a 30 minute air supply) and a squad of hovering scooters with laser beams attached to each operator’s helmet (yes, the necktie is required to operate scooters). Hovering Scooter Squad


Sorry Pinky & the Brain, I win.


6 Feb

It wasn’t until i found myself hunched over sitting on the train, falling in and out of consciousness, that the sense of déjà vu swelled up over the overwhelming nausea. A vision of myself curled up beneath a palm tree outside of the San Diego Convention Center flashed in my mind… this was a migraine.

I should have seen it coming- I did see it coming- but hubris reared its ugly head and crippled me from the inside. Again.

There were all the same triggers and signs: lack of sleep coupled with a  sudden increase & decrease in caffeine intake followed by a day or two of light-headedness… and then the headache that gets worse and worse, affected by every motion and any thought. But I convinced myself that the feeling would pass if I just kept on keeping on… unfortunately it didn’t.

I made it through Tai Chi, but the room started spinning as I waited for Yoga to start. 2/3’s of the way through class, I walked out of my first practice/class in my life- and went straight to the loo. After that, I decided that getting home as quickly as possible was probably the best thing I could do for myself and everyone around me.

The trek home was a blur. My stomach flipped with every stop and bump and just getting to a seat took extreme mental focus. Just to top off my experience, I missed my stop being so out of it. Thankfully I held it together long enough to get home and collapse.

Lesson learned (the second time around):

Convincing yourself that you don’t have a migraine does not negate the fact that you do.