6 Feb

It wasn’t until i found myself hunched over sitting on the train, falling in and out of consciousness, that the sense of déjà vu swelled up over the overwhelming nausea. A vision of myself curled up beneath a palm tree outside of the San Diego Convention Center flashed in my mind… this was a migraine.

I should have seen it coming- I did see it coming- but hubris reared its ugly head and crippled me from the inside. Again.

There were all the same triggers and signs: lack of sleep coupled with a  sudden increase & decrease in caffeine intake followed by a day or two of light-headedness… and then the headache that gets worse and worse, affected by every motion and any thought. But I convinced myself that the feeling would pass if I just kept on keeping on… unfortunately it didn’t.

I made it through Tai Chi, but the room started spinning as I waited for Yoga to start. 2/3’s of the way through class, I walked out of my first practice/class in my life- and went straight to the loo. After that, I decided that getting home as quickly as possible was probably the best thing I could do for myself and everyone around me.

The trek home was a blur. My stomach flipped with every stop and bump and just getting to a seat took extreme mental focus. Just to top off my experience, I missed my stop being so out of it. Thankfully I held it together long enough to get home and collapse.

Lesson learned (the second time around):

Convincing yourself that you don’t have a migraine does not negate the fact that you do.


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