how to take over the world v 0.1

14 Feb

Alright, enough with this facade. You think I’ve been busy earning my graduate degree, working til the wee hours of the morning, getting home fatigued and mentally exhausted from work… Fact is, I’m building an unbeatable army harnessing the powers of earth, fire, wind, water, and heart- or rather Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Adam West aka Batman, Samuel L Jackson, and David Hasselhof.

Chuck Norris Mr. T Batman Samuel L Jackson David Hasselhof
Admit it. You’re petrified.

Snakes on a KiteChuck Norris and Mr. T will lead the ground infantry units which will deploy PowerSkip scouts with air support from Samuel L Jackson and snakes on a  kite. Jackson will also have authority over my upgraded paratroopers outfitted with super classy wingsuits as well as my jetpack powered air units. Wingsuits

Adam West will provide tactical support, overseeing the battle-mechs which will require very adroit deployment considering they only shoot squishy pink balls and are limited to walking on completely flat surfaces. Battle-Mech

David Hasselfhof will be in charge of the miscellaneous and pointless divisions equipped with the latest technology, home to arguably the most extensive and self-important squadrons. For instance we have expendable water walking, bubble men (limited to a 30 minute air supply) and a squad of hovering scooters with laser beams attached to each operator’s helmet (yes, the necktie is required to operate scooters). Hovering Scooter Squad


Sorry Pinky & the Brain, I win.


2 Responses to “how to take over the world v 0.1”

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    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you’ve got an interesting point of view.


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