one day soon

17 Feb

My heart skipped a beat when I came across the course description for Bear Creek’s Tough Mudder.

The challenges constructed and the philosophy behind the race pulled me in like a super magnet. With help from non other than the British Special Air Service, the course has been based off of some of the most challenging and fun races in the world. The course winds through 7 miles of the Bear Creek Resort, all decked out with mind-blowing challenges. From crawling through snow to running through fire, this is more than just another foot race. There are obstacles that a lone racer cannot overcome without the help of other racers. This comradeship aspect coupled with the physical demands of this course is a win-win combination.

Oh sure, a few red flags might have been thrown as you looked at the images, but all logic aside, this is awesome!

Without a doubt, I will participate in a future Tough Mudder event. Just not as soon as I would have hoped. For better or for worse, this particular race is on May 2, the same day that I’ll looking at the world from 2500 ft, hang gliding for the first time. Perhaps it’s for the best that I won’t be running through 4 ft flames less than a month from beginning Bike & Build, but one day… I will.

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