23 Feb

This whole total exhaustion and fatigue thing everyday is starting to show its effects. This morning I woke at the regular time, around 6:30ish, rolled out of bed a little before 7 and saw a credit card on my desk in front of the computer monitor. I tried to scan my memory through the morning daze but could not for the life of me remember why I would have left it there.

Curious, I took a seat at the computer and opened up an internet browser. My email popped up immediately and I stared blankly at the latest subject line: NYRR Event Registration. I do silly things when I’m tired. Hoping that I wasn’t entirely out of my mind whenever I signed up last night, I opened the email hesitantly.

The actual contents of the message soothed the butterflies in my stomach, only two events were listed- a 4mile run and a 5k. Nothing drastic. Granted they are both Sunday runs, so it just means I will have even more of a reason to look forward to not having Saturday classes. Silly tired me doing silly tired things. I’m just glad I didn’t order the entire South Park DVD collection or 5 boxes of bulk candy. Silly tired me is actually pretty smart, in a stupid sort of way- perchance I should try to squeeze in more sleep time before I end up running a marathon next month.

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