Have your CAKE!!!

24 Mar

My inactivity here in no way represents how crazy and active I’ve been over the past few weeks… but I’m making a conscious effort to keep this up to date now that the 2 month point has come and gone.

I’m so close to reaching my fund raising goal of $4000!!! And I’ve got a special donation from a wonderful friend and cake master baker in Northern California. Sarah from Sarah Lindsay Cakes of San Francisco is donating a 6″ cake to anyone in the Bay Area.

Sara writes, I can donate a 6″ cake – if you can find a buyer in Northern CA I’d love to make it for you and have that person donate the cash money to you 🙂

So if you’re in the Bay Area and you need a cake for an event or special person… please consider having a super awesome cake made just for you! Sarah makes extraordinary cakes that look and taste amazing. Sarah Lindsay Cakes can be reached at (415) 409-1242.

As always, thanks for your support for making positive change in this world.

Here are the details for your cake 🙂
You have a choice of vanilla or chocolate 6″ cake with dark chocolate truffle filling and vanilla italian meringue buttercream finish. Simple polka dot design.

If this is popular, Sarah Lindsay Cakes will donate an 8″ cake!!!

So if you live in the Bay Area and like/need cake (who doesn’t?)please consider Sarah Lindsay Cakes and this unique and tasty way to donate to a great cause.


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