insomnia, insanity, and insatiability – oh my…

9 Apr

The variables in tonight’s equation for insanity were not unlike any other given night- save for the addition of the desire to create something, anything really. Earlier in the day, I’d failed at finding a capo for lil’kmart (my $30 toy guitar bought from its namesake) and I was aiming to make up for the shortfall. So when I arrived home early (10:30 pm), it seemed I had all the time in the world to let creativity free.

Lil’k-mart is well-loved though well worn- what with it falling on the hardwood floor and all that jazz. It needed a case, a place to call home. Inspired by duct tape’s almighty powers, I decided I’d create a guitar case fitting for lil’k-mart.

With no planned course of action,  no schematics or how-to book- I did what I love to do: improvise. I knew I needed to discern lil’k-mart’s dimensions, so I traced its outline on paper. Then I used a medium-sized cardboard box to create the 3-dimensional frame from the tracing. (Thanks to my super roommate, Stephanie, for the box.)

In order to give a little padding to the inside, I used one of the NYC marathon volunteer shirts I have, but will never wear because they are far too large for me to ever fit. One shirt provided all of the padding for the main area of the case, and then I found some left over foam from when my bike & build bicycle was delivered; and I lined the top part of the case with that.

Duct tape provided the final touch and smoothed out any curious angles. I made hinges at both ends and one in the middle. Now lil’k-mart has a home and my room looks like kindergarten.

Make life worth the while- make something beautiful today.


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