Reasons To Give Whether You Love/Hate/Don’t Care

13 May

With less than 2 weeks before the start of Bike & Build, I admit I’m more than just slightly concerned over the fact that I’ve got over $1000 left to fundraise- no, let me rephrase that, it’s not how much I need to raise that keeps me up all night, it’s how many people have yet to respond-positive or negative- to my call for help and support. I don’t quite understand it- I feel low down. If I dwell on it, I feel my heart sink.

So before I lose any more time being sad, let’s get happy with all the reasons why you should support my endeavor to bike across the country and build affordable housing:

I LOVE YOU, TOO! Donate a dollar to boost my spirit and morale- You are my a reason to keep on keeping on. Believe me, when I’m riding out there for +100 miles, your good energy and support is my life line. For serious.

Donate a dollar to ensure a long, hot, and grueling summer. Force me to devote my summer months to physical labor, building houses, and cycling all day in hot and humid Southern US weather.

Then you wouldn’t care donating a dollar. I mean honestly, $1. I know it’s rough out there, a lot of people are pinching pennies – but that’s why I’m doing this! Housing is a huge and necessary cost burden. Your dollar will be funding an effort to help alleviate this issue by supporting my cross-country ride and the houses I build along the way- oh… you don’t care? My bad… I get all riled up about this. Any who, donate a dollar, consider it your good deed of the day/week/what-have-you. Peace.

You are amazing. Truly, honestly, amazing. When my muscles start to give out, thoughts of you renew my energy and sustain me to the end. It’s sappy, but believe me, after +100 miles everything is.


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