So much to do

19 May

Wednesday- a week from today, I’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida. Kind of incredible and really insane when I think about all the things I need to do between now and then- and considering all the things I have already put on the shelf for after the summer.

Top priority is shipping Tank! Luckily, I’ve some spare time tomorrow after the Dalai Lama teachings and before graduation. I’m hoping to squeeze a trip to Sid’s in between the two. If that doesn’t pan out as I hope; I’ll try for Friday after work. However, considering shipping time and all that jazz, I’d feel a bit more assured if I manage to make it to the bike shop Thursday.

Next thing is, I’ve got to wrap up work- which is a really tidy way to package up such a ridiculous hodgepodge of tasks and projects I’ve got up in the air. The tricky part will be discerning which ones will break and shatter, catching those items, and letting other tasks hit the ground where I can pick them up (or leave them altogether…) in the future. There will be a lot of last minute, crunch time miracles that’s for certain.


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