Post B&B Labor Day Fun Ride

6 Sep

Hey, hey, hey, Happy Labor Day!

I decided to celebrate by putting off a myriad of important endeavors and necessary life decisions, opting to go for a fun bicycle ride around the area instead. In all fairness, the undertaking required a bit of prep and research- getting to know the lay of the land and whatnot- thankfully, Marin County Bicycle Coalition has put together a great map among other resources for cyclists. So after scrutinizing the various routes, I opted to try out a makeshift Greenbrae-Tiburon loop which utilized both bike lanes, multi-use paths, and the good old road.

It was the first ride I’ve embarked on since Bike & Build. I’ve been hesitant to cycle at all what with the physical condition I was in at the end of that epic journey. But today’s ride was necessary. I’ve been wanting to ride every day since Bike & Build, but ‘wanting to’ is not being able to- so I said screw it and broke that cycle (points for the pun).
Now, just being able to do something is no cause to actually go and do it- but that is neither here nor there. The fact is I was able to complete the 30 mile loop, and it was GORGEOUS! Today’s ride was well worth discovering that my back is still broken- the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and you could see the city clear as day from this side of the bay (a rare treat). I am glad I was able to ride today and I’ll keep riding short loops just to get my body settled and sorted before I attempt anything too insane. Let’s hope my back cooperates and my knees don’t give out!
Remember folks, it’s just a ride. (Jem)

2 Responses to “Post B&B Labor Day Fun Ride”

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