Wheels For Meals Ride 2010

10 Oct

Saturday morning, I woke before the sun and drove across the bay to the Shadow Cliffs Regional Park for the 2nd Annual Wheels For Meals Ride. I discovered this gem of a ride through the Cycle California! Magazine, and was glad to have found a good cause relatively close by, promising a great day of riding. Despite being a relatively new event, the Wheels for Meals Ride was extraordinarily well organized and supported- I was thoroughly impressed with the ride, its cause and the people that helped to make this day happen. After 70 miles and 3000′ of climbing, I’d happily ride again next year in support of homebound seniors.

The sun had just peaked over the horizon when I began the route’s first major ascent up Tesla Road. The effect of the climb and the gorgeous views could be compared to a cup of coffee. The climb woke up every limb and early morning chills were quickly remedied as I made my way up the winding road while huge wind turbines seemed to sprout from the hilltops surrounding the area. I did my best to take a snapshot as I descended… but it was a little tricky considering I hit 40mph on a road that coiled itself around the hillsides. Luckily, there was a short straightaway where I managed to take a picture.

The 70 mile route brushed the edges of Tracy before looping back towards the hills and up Patterson Pass. The climb tested my physical limits more so than previous rides; the little blue bird on my shoulder blade was singing loud and clear. I could definitely feel my back, but thankfully I made it to the top and descended down to the vineyards below without any incident.

Once back in the valley, all three routes criss-crossed and united for the last leg. The ride ended back at the Lakeside Picnic area in the Shadow Cliffs Regional Park, where riders were provided with a scrumptious BBQ lunch. Families, avid cyclists, young and old all celebrated the day’s ride and a successful event for Alameda County’s Meals on Wheels.

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