It’s been one week since you looked at me…

11 Oct

Such a great song, such a great band… But really, a week has blazed by since the ink was set and I’ve continued to roll on despite numerous setbacks from every possible direction. So let’s go back in time for a moment and relive a bit of last week just for kicks.

Sunday, I rode 100K on my bicycle to raise funds for the Santa Cruz AIDS Project through their annual Surf City AIDS Ride. By midday I had completed the beautiful route and enjoyed the afternoon festivities for as long as I could. There was more than enough to keep even the most attention deficit prone individual entranced for hours, and besides one could always ride his or her bike around town… again. But, I was set on delivering a tattoo design to the CD of the WD (CD)  that day- and he was another 4-5 hours away by car. So I left the post-ride events somewhat prematurely and did my best to let my legs “stretch out” during the drive southward.

See, the idea was that the CD and myself were going to have a tattoo fiesta on Monday or Tuesday. I had been musing over the idea of another piece for almost 2 years, but hadn’t reached the tipping point until the CD caught me with a late night phone call asking about his tattoo design we’ve been “working on” for years. Call it coincidence, call it chance, or just plain crazy, but I figured that since I’d be driving an hour in the CD’s direction for the Surf City AIDS Ride on Sunday, I might as well go the distance and drive the rest of the way with his design.

It had to have been around 9 when I arrived at the SoCal WD Headquarters and I was completely exhausted from the drive… I suppose the morning ride had something to do with my lack of energy as well. But my hopes to see the sketch I made come to life on someone so uber awesome kept me amped. I delivered the design right quick, getting down to business as soon as I stepped in the door.


Original Chameleon Design

Original Chameleon Sketch


The CD reviewed the design and suggested a few changes to better convey the idea and symbolism behind each element. Tattoo placement was scrutinized in the redesign since  his work disallows any visible tattoos, which meant that the original forearm idea had to be thrown out and reconsidered. In the end, a shoulder/quarter sleeve was decided upon as the best place to put the tattoo and I made a few slight adjustments before calling it a night.

Monday rolled around and I hadn’t quite finished the redesign, so the CD and I headed out with the original sketch and a little graphic generously sent to me from Twin Six. We had reviewed a number of shops around town and settled on The Tattoo Lounge as our first stop since it was both inexpensive and well received by customers.


Chameleon Redesign

Chameleon Redesign


Owen was at the front of the shop and he gave us a price for both designs- the CD’s was a bit steep for what we were planning on, but the Twin Six line art was right on the money… so I went for it. And it hurt. More than I thought it would- apparently there are four needles in the device used for shading, which would explain why the last half hour or so was incredibly fun. It was like reliving some of the extraordinary summer days when I was crippled with pain. Though this time, the pain was more of a release, relaxing- like when you take a big breath in and heave a huge sigh out. It was a good pain- and out of it, something beautiful was made. A little analogy for the summer, a little bird to sing to me when I’m in pain and remind me of  the awesomeness SUS 2010… all in all, I couldn’t be more happy with Owen’s work!

So, a week ago, I commemorated an amazing summer in ink and finalized a design that will soon come to life on the CD. Considering how a little line art came to life on my shoulder-blade, I look forward to seeing how my sketch evolves. Hopefully I’ll be there when it happens, but if not c’est la vie- only time will tell.


2 Responses to “It’s been one week since you looked at me…”

  1. Christina October 11, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    I quite like the way you write; I can hear you vividly when I read your compositions. Love you, VBC

    • V October 11, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

      hey there, chica 🙂 glad you like my particular approach to sentences and paragraphs- you just made my world brighter (-:

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