just smile

23 Oct

just smile

just smile

It’s been one of those weeks- the kind that kicks you in the stomach and makes you FEEL alive.

I’m still cycling away on the Marin Bikeways, mapping out distances, taking pictures, and weaving through the network of disjunct lanes, paths, and roads that make up the maddening maze. It’s been fun, but as the end of the month draws near I wonder how on earth am I to sort through all the data and make it presentable. If I had my way, I’d just overlay all the figures onto a physical Marin Bicycle Map, tacking on pictures of intersections and whatnot. Unfortunately, I don’t think my affinity for defacing maps is what the Marin County Bicycle Coalition is aiming for- their loss.

lappy. dead.

lappy. dead.

Despite a complete lappy fail, I was able to continue rolling out digital art and wallpapers. My true color’s cyclery, bikes for all types 😀 was published on Oct 19 just in time for Wear Purple Day. Once I figure out screen printing in December, the design is going on a shirt. Look out fashionistas.

Thankfully, I won’t be needing a laptop when I run through fires on Saturday. Although it might be fun to use as a paddle board to help sludge through the mud or as a shield from the barbed wire… If there is one good thing about my dead lappy, it is that I won’t be able to sign myself up for crazy-go-nuts adventures. All things considered, the NorCal Warrior Dash will be a good way to cap off all the post Bike & Build insanity.


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