The Best I Ever Had

1 Dec


Ah, freak out!

I never will forget the day we met
Girl I’m gonna miss you

I hope you were mildly entertained by the music videos above- at least more so than when the LBS confirmed that the crack on Tank!’s top tube was more than just a paint chip- or when I discovered the horizontal crack on the side of the TT just below the one in the picture. Lovely.

So there I was… riding a compromised frame and since carbon fiber deteriorates from the inside out, it was difficult to gauge just how insane I was while riding Tank!. Though, after a few days to letting the idea of my bike snapping in half marinate in my mind, I finally decided to let the bike rest and went on the search for a replacement frame or bicycle- whichever was more financially feasible.

I wandered the west coast (not so far and wide from San Francisco). Combing the local bike shops, I retold my sob story. I received some empathy, a few sales pitches, and advice on where to get a Giant frame, though in the end I settled on a replacement bicycle- a wicked closeout deal on a 2010 Specialized Ruby Comp (above).
She’s pretty… and blue… and not cracked; the last 2010 Specialized Ruby Comp in the company and in the smallest frame size- perfecto!

I knew the bike would be a good fit since a salesperson had me ride around on a 2011 Ruby just for kicks and giggles- we both knew I wasn’t dropping a few grand on a bicycle right then and there. But we both didn’t know I’d find a closeout on last year’s model in the exact same frame size!!! It’s ridiculous. It’s phenomenal and I’m pumped to have a bicycle that won’t break in half while I’m riding. She’s no Tank! but she’ll do.


This blue angel is en route to my LBS and should be ready for pickup on Friday. I’ll use Tank!’s pedals and my scuffed up shoes from Bike & Build for the ride home. I just hope the shop doesn’t judge me too much when I roll out. New pedals and shoes are an investment that has taken the back burner what with having to replace Tank! and all… I’m just looking forward to getting back on the road


One Response to “The Best I Ever Had”

  1. omalone1 November 30, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    …and I’m here trying to survive letting go of that stolen bike

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