insomnia bytes: bye bye blue bird

28 Jan

Every time! Just as I was about to fall asleep, I started singing… or rather, mumbling in melody. I must admit, my voice is shot- what with battling the onset (or retreat? let’s hope!) of a cold. Having played through this scenario countless times, I still only manage to record a meager number of these insomnia sound bytes. Granted I am half asleep… half awake… quite happy that I seem to be writing somewhat coherently. As always, apologies for my weak voice and midnight bedside recording… very high tech. Yes. Indeed…

Sharing this insomnia byte for your dark-thirty-in-the-AM, sound-snacking soul:

bye bye blue bird

it was nice to know you while you graced this world

your song so beautiful to me

i will do my best to sing

in memory of

your sweet melody

you fly so high

i wonder did your wings ever breach

the atmosphere

i hear

it’s hard to breathe up there


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