Just Keep Running

23 Oct

Well, I’ve officially begun training for La Transtica’s 200KM, 5 stage race across Costa Rica. I’ve got a month before the race so I’ll be running more frequently and further than sanity should assent. Every other day will be a distance day (like today’s 17 mile run) buffered by a shorter 6-12 mile day or bike ride. Shorter days will be fleshed out with circuit workouts at the gym or pool sessions, while daily yoga will balance out the chaos.

I’ve been running with music lately. Bad idea. I’ve come to the conclusion that its use severely impairs my running performance. Individual results may vary, but in my case music is detrimental on a number of levels. First and foremost, I do not run, I dance. This is a problem that is most easily detected when I run dance on treadmills. Balance and focus dissipate. Arms go flying and eventually so do I. Second, I lose touch with my surroundings, the music draws my attention away from little unimportant details like cars, traffic lights, or unsafe trails. Lastly, I lose sense of my condition. The music elevates me above the terrestrial experience of “one foot in front of the other”. I assume I’m breathing because I have to gasp for air as I silently (or not so silently- I can’t hear) sing along with the songs. Pain flares up in my joints, but from what and for how long- I have no clue.  Quite frankly, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve not had a second trip to the ER this past month.

For me, running is moving meditation. It’s a mental exercise which just happens to require quite a bit of physical effort as well. My headphones will be tucked away for the next few weeks as I find my natural rhythm and rack up the miles. I’ll just have to save all the dancing and the mayhem for after the run.

Running with Music

listen 2 ur heart


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