Booked for the Weekend(s)!

28 Oct

I have issues with idle time. If I’m not moving, I’m making and creating. Sitting still is not an option- unless I’m meditating, but that’s not sitting still.

I had thought that I’d have no problem keeping busy on the weekends. I figured I’d spend time with friends catching up on the times and making new memories. Thing is, people around here seem to be pretty habitual. Boxed in. Comfortable. Set. I feel like the Kool-Aid Man – barging into the scene, completely inappropriate. The awkward turtle is in the corner starting a slow applause, ever so awkwardly with his flippers. A pink elephant coughs. My friends are no where to be found. Silence reverberates off the walls as I make my retreat. So far, weekends in the US have been exercises in profound solitude.


Rather than embracing the sad panda moping about my peripheral vision (Go away and snack on some bamboo or sneeze or something!), I’ve switched tactics, changed gears. I found the reset button and hit it. Many, many times. So now my weekends are booked solid through to the day I leave for Costa Rica! This weekend I’m getting my inner warrior on and running the Warrior Dash followed by a 15000 ft skydive! (Yay for social media steals deals!) Then, there’s the US Half Marathon in San Francisco. That should be fun- running across the Golden Gate Bridge and all that jazz. Lastly, I’m taking a bartending course for the final two weekends- I don’t drink, but other people do! I’ll be sure to meet a few interesting people in all this self imposed chaos. Maybe I’ll find a co-adventurer or two!

I’ve created a few new digital pieces, gotten settled and sorted, made a mess, cleaned up, and teetered on the fringes of domestication over the past month. Old place. New territory. It’s a scary place to be in these strange times. The horizon calls- but I don’t pick up the phone. I’m running for it! Will you be running with me?


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