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Why I Run #16

9 Sep

I run because… I can escape and return in one go.


Why I Run #15

1 Sep

I run because… not a step or breath is wasted, every ounce of me is alive.


Why I Run #14

28 Aug

I run because… you can go in any direction, at any pace. It’s freedom.

Why I Run #13

27 Aug

I run because… every step manifests a new place to exist with each stride extending my horizon.


Live for This

9 Feb

i Live for the moments
when the Stars shine
through someone’s eyes
when a person’s face beams
brighter than the Sun

i Live for the times
when Heaven sings
through people’s Laughs
and sparkles
in a Smile

i Live for the days
that try our Souls
that stretch and pull our fibers
and make us more
of who we are

i Live for This

Live for This

Live for This

Why I Run #12

16 Jan

I run because… “it makes me love the feeling of living.” – Bonnie Pfiester

Why I Run #11

7 Jan

I run because… sometimes you have to let your feet take you where you need to be.

Protected: All The Things They Said

2 Jan

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Why I Run #10

2 Jan

I run because… I live to make something beautiful.

Why I Run #9

29 Dec

I run because… I’ve yet to catch the sun.