Why I Run #12

16 Jan

I run because… “it makes me love the feeling of living.” – Bonnie Pfiester

Why I Run #11

7 Jan

I run because… sometimes you have to let your feet take you where you need to be.

Protected: All The Things They Said

2 Jan

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Why I Run #10

2 Jan

I run because… I live to make something beautiful.

Why I Run #9

29 Dec

I run because… I’ve yet to catch the sun.

Why I Run #8

15 Dec

I run because… someone keeps signing me up for running events.

Why I Run #7

27 Nov

I run because… there are some things worth running after.

Why I Run #6

26 Nov

I run because… it’s my “me”time- just me, my thoughts, and the miles.

Why I Run #5

25 Nov

I run because…
my coaches made me, so I made up my mind to enjoy it.


Why I Run #4

24 Nov

I run because…
I have to catch up with the ice cream truck.