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life w/sans: tree hunting

10 Dec


bracket goes tree hunting

tree hunting


{hmph, another hit and run…}


life w/sans: *snow*

3 Dec



sans: snow

sans: oh hello there

ms.p: here… stay warm

ms.p: much better!

sans: ho! ho! ho!



life w/sans: hunting w/bracket

26 Nov

bracket goes turkey hunting

bracket goes turkey hunting

turkey: gobble. gobble?

turkey: gobble! gobble!

bracket: gobble. gobble


(absolutely riveting dialog this week)

life w/sans: mind your language

19 Nov


ms. p demands that bracket clean up his language to no avail

ms. p demands that bracket clean up his language to no avail

bracket: [*!%#@$]

ms. p: clean your language up .[+_6].

bracket: [*@%$!#]

ms. p: …

bracket: i am not a [&*@#$!] role model


life w/sans: encounter ms.p

12 Nov


sans meets ms.p

sans meets ms.p

sans: word

sans: oh hello there… i’m sans!

ms. p: i’m (ms.p)

ms. p: looks like you’ve met .[+_6]. & .{-_-}.

sans: word

life w/sans: encounter brace

5 Nov


sans meets brace

sans meets brace


brace: failure is not falling, but in failing to get up

sans: word

life w/sans: encounters

1 Nov


sans meets bracket

sans meets bracket

Life with Sans

31 Oct

Starting up a new project: “Life with Sans”

You heard it here first. Halloween 2008. What a day to start something.


Sans     . 9_9 .
Guy who refuses to be bracketed in. Eyes on the sky.

Ms. P     .(^_^).
Lady who always has something good to say (though rarely says it outright).

Bracket     .[+_6].
Lost his right eye to the silent “p” in swimming… hasn’t been the same since.

Brace     .{-_-}.
Silent and reserved, yet he always has good advice- even though no one really asks for it or pays him any attention.