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A Snowflake

6 Jan

A poem for the wintry months, for you, for life

A Snowflake

Chiseled by caring hands above the clouds
A delicate snowflake begins to fall
Made perfect and yet in perfection flawed
It must make its journey amid snowfall

The snowflake dances upon the winds of time
As though it has no end destination
Spinning and turning and ever yearning
To get back that divine elevation

It shall never make it back to that height
It must make its way to the bitter ground
Showing off its every point and sparkle
For once it’s there it will never be found

Its final moments of heavenly flight
Are but fractions of time it spent up high
Now it flutters and scrapes against the earth
Too weak and weary to say a goodbye

Blanketed by a layer of soft snow
The snowflake rests desires forgotten
Its journey complete and purpose fulfilled
Though it alone has been long forgotten

life w/sans: *snow*

3 Dec



sans: snow

sans: oh hello there

ms.p: here… stay warm

ms.p: much better!

sans: ho! ho! ho!