musing over the google giant

2 Dec

The New York Times features an interesting discussion over the future of the internet giant we all know (and dare-I-say love) as Google.

What Should Google Fear? and Google vs. Government are covered in part 1, while part 2 considers whether Google is Good or Bad for Journalism? and Privacy Concerns.

Part 1 | Part 2

The internet has evolved since its creation and mass inception, so too has Google over the past 10 years since its founding. It’s an ever-changing environment and technology is pushing forward at a break-neck speed. That’s why the first topic, What Should Google Fear, immediately caught my attention. What Google should fear today is definitely not the same as what it feared yesterday or what it will have to watch out for in the future (if there is a Google as we know it 10 years down the road).

Right now, there is definite pressure from social networks and alternative gateways that provide niche environments ripe with relevant and quality content. These spaces provide a much more focused environment than Google (or any search engine) results that could have you skimming thousands upon thousands of links. Depending on your purpose, going to a dedicated social network or gateway could save you a lot of time and provide you with a much better “user experience” than using Google.

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